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If you have a cesspit in Auckland that needs to be properly cleaned, there are many companies that can offer you this type of service. These companies will come in, empty all of the cesspits that you have, in order to make sure that sediment build up is minimized. This can be a large operation, one that will require specific types of machinery and expertise. If you are in Auckland right now, and you need to hire one of these companies, KP Group is a business that you should contact for all of your cesspit emptying Auckland needs today.

What Is A Cesspit?

These are simply underground holding tanks which are used for the collection of waste material such as fecal sludge and excreta. They are referred to as septic tanks in the United States, yet regardless of the name, they serve the same exact purpose. They are typically a meter in diameter, and 3 m in depth, and can be lined over the top with concrete. The sediment is at the bottom below the inlet where the waste comes in, and there is a hatch at the top which will allow it to be cleaned very easily. When these fill up, they need to be cleaned out which typically happens every couple years. This will allow you to have proper sanitation on your property if you cannot connect with the sewer in your city, but you must maintain them to keep them fully functional.

Cesspit Emptying Auckland Companies

In New Zealand, they use what are called stormwater cesspits and these need to be cleaned regularly, specifically to remove waste material and keep sediment at a minimum. KP Group will do this job very efficiently, cleaning each one out as long as there is a minimum of 250 mm of sediment at the bottom, making sure that they can effectively collect storm water throughout the year. This can be a more difficult job if they are in proximity to areas where the site is consistently swept and cleaned, or if there are trees that are adjacent to the cesspit. Either way, KP Group will be able to come out to empty your cesspits and do so for an affordable price.

Why You Should Use KP Group

This is the top cesspit emptying Auckland company that people use when their on-site cesspit needs to be emptied. They can provide you with the best service at reasonable prices, helping you to always keep yours clean. They also provide a 12 weekly check and measure which will make sure it does not get out of control. This can actually be a cost saving choice to make, plus it can be very good for the environment.

If you need to have a cesspit emptying Auckland company come out your location soon, you should seriously consider contacting KP Group for a quote on how much it will be. They can also tell you when they will be available, working with your schedule, so that you can get this project done. If you have an environmental audit coming up, or you simply need to have them cleaned, this is the best company to work with. They are reliable and reputable, ready to serve both individuals and companies, providing the best cesspit emptying service that is available.